Lady in Pearls

A Secrets of the Zodiac Novella

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A savvy investigator seeks answers to a secretive woman's past, but the price is higher than they bargained for…

The aristocratic Nathan Bancroft was once part of a secret organization of spies called the Zodiac. But after an assignment goes devastatingly wrong, he resigns, haunted by his mistakes. Now he uses his skills and social connections to solve little “problems” his clients can't admit they have. He has thwarted blackmail schemes and discovered lost secrets, all the time the soul of discretion.

When he is hired to discover why Vanessa Phillips pays a hefty sum to a stranger every month, it’s just another job. But Vanessa is not just another woman. Armed with a sharp wit and a skeptical mind, she defies Nathan’s attempts to uncover her secret. One thing she cannot deny is his allure as a man, and soon she finds herself dreaming of his kiss. As both their secrets threaten to unravel around them, their new and fragile love looks doomed, unless Nathan can confront his own past in order to save Vanessa’s present.

Lady in Pearls is a stand-alone novella set in the Secrets of the Zodiac world.